SOLD - $3,500.00

(REG. $6,000.00)



Guillemot (Demo Model)

           (Design by Nick Shade)



The Guillemot offers good all around performance.  It is comfortable and easy to paddle.  With a shallow V bottom, the Guillemot is also stable and maneuverable.  You will experience good balance in cross winds as well as a smooth ride over waves.  It also allows you to get up close and personal with nature, going through, and getting to places that would be otherwise impossible to get to.




Length 17  (feet)

Waterline Length 14.7  (feet)

Width 21.  (inches)

Waterline Width 20.7  (inches)


Weight 38  (pounds)




- (inch) Western Red Cedar

- Fiberglass

- 6 (ounce) Cloth

- West System Epoxy

- Adjustable Aluminum Foot Braces

- Molded Foam Seat

- Adjustable Nylon Back Brace

- Carrying Handles

- Bungee Cord Cargo Rack


*NOTE* This kayak has been used for the purpose of demonstrations.

It has slight blemishing (fogging) in the fiberglass on the under side of the kayak

which in no way effects performance, strength and stability .



Please Contact Boat Builder:

Peter Kobylarz

Drew's Lake

New Limerick, Maine  04730


or e-mail